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Capers Away!

Crosby Strikes Again! Ellen Crosby that is,  the author of the lush and lively Wine Country Mystery series (Pocket Books $7.99) set in Virginia. Having just had a glass or two of a beautiful white from Virginia last week (and having read her first mystery The Chardonay Charade) I have it on credible evidence that her latest The Riesling Retribution (now in mass market) will be perfect foil for a hot summer’s day – neither too dry or too sweet with just the right legs.

Speaking of great legs Peter Mayle’s newest novel The Vintage Caper (Vintage Books $14.95) has all the right reasons to swirl with bated breathe. What could be more fun than tracking down a world class wine thief with a charming, handsome lawyer and gourmand with a lovely long legged companion by his side feasting and drinking their way from LA to Bordeaux and Provence. Savor and Enjoy!

And, what is wine without art! There is nothing subtle about this next book Priceless: How I went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures by Robert Wittman a former FBI Agent Art Crimes Unit (Crown $25) – more Shiraz than Merlot! Think Robert Parker meets Sam Spade meets Dragnet meets Antiques Roadshow (read about that infamous fraud during the first season) This is an excellent read-it is an exciting and very informative peak into the world of art as well the art and crime of stolen and priceless treasures (including the Gardner Heist, Old and New Masters, Civil War artifacts, Geronimo’s headdress and the Bill of Rights!) This is a must read for stolen art and mystery aficionados.

Next up, on my bedside nearly collapsing bookshelf is Provenance: How a Con Man and Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art by Salisbury & Suju. (Penguin $16) Another great recommendation for you non-fiction readers – very hard to resist, according to some of our discerning art-reading customers – you won’t want to put it down once you’ve started. Worth a look!

So settle down with a full glass of your choice and an audacious fun adventure in the fine and heady world of wine and art. Enjoy! – Molly

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